Desktop Salt Lamps Natural

Desktop Salt Lamps Natural

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Desktop Salt Lamps Natural

STANDARD Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp (Various Sizes)  

Our STANDARD Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp is made from 100% naturally sourced Himalayan Pink Salt that uses 15W CALEX E14 Bulb. Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps have been used in households all over the UK, for their beauty, mental and physical health benefits.  


Ergonomic wooden base with easy cable protection and management 

High-Quality base crafted to withstand large amounts of weight 

UK and EU certified cable and CALEX bulb provided 

High-Quality Himalayan Pink Salt used to ensure it lasts a lifetime 

Includes Calex Bulbs that give a consistently bright glow over 1000 hours of usage 

Low-cost low wattage CALEX bulbs for low 

Woodside Foods Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps last a lifetime and come with a 100% Mould-free Guarantee 

Area of Purification of up to 1.4 m3 


Over long periods of use, the Calex bulbs cause the salt lamp to warm up over time, creating an ionisation environment that is considered to be larger than its smaller predecessors.  

Which helps the salt capture more moisture from the surrounding air, in turn, helps to purify the air from any contaminants. 

Most customers enjoy keeping their Natural Himalayan Lamps in their bedroom as it helps them sleep during the night -as it creates a warm soft light that mimics a sunset. 

Also, has helped improved the serotonin production in brain. Really beneficial for anyone suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder – the warmth and glow from this lamp will make you believe that the sun never sets.